PumpkinKnight PumpkinKnight 30 May 2019


I've ported the flexible userboxes I've used in the Unreal Wiki.

Userboxes are widgets used in user profiles to display a bit of info. These in particular are generated from a generic userbox template which is then customized for different purposes. So far the ones exported are:

  • Amount of edits
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Gametype
  • Role
  • Country
  • Item

Some examples of how they look can be found in my own profile. You can also create your own by using the Userbox template. These ones assign categories once they're used.

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Crowe22 Crowe22 13 January 2018


If i will make some tournaments soon anyone will play them?? I would like to make tournament for let come back competition on this game , and i'm willing to make available a prize of 20 --Crowe22

The wiki isn't very active... I would suggest you to write about it in the "Multiplayer" section of the official OA Forums ( and in the Discord server. --The Gig (Contact me) 09:40, January 15, 2018 (UTC)
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Nightcaster460 Nightcaster460 3 November 2017

About FromHell...

There's a user in the OpenArena forums called FromHell, and they think the game's models are ridiculous, that they don't have any story. Gameplay should be more important than story, FromHell. Why have that as your username by the way? --NightCaster460

I'm not used to use the "blogs" sections of Wikia (are they like user talk pages, but with questions and answers in the same page, maybe?)... however your message isn't clear to me. What are you talking about? Characters are given some backgound infos, here on the wiki... and maybe in OA3 there may be also a section of character background in the game. Also, writing some lines of text as character backgound does not mean to do not pay attention to gameplay. So, I really don't get the aim of y…
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The hipiot The hipiot 13 April 2014

the hipiot arena


                       i love wikia but i haven't any friends​

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