This page is dedicated to list bugs found in the current version of the game. This is mostly a recap of what is suggested on the forums and the Engine, Gamecode and UI3 repositores, let's try to maintain everything synchronized.


Additional notes[]

  • Go straight to the point. This means: don't add words just to make your entry look cool. Walls of text and "purple prose" are discouraged, as they make reading difficult. In this case the required info are the description of the bug itself and when it's being triggered. Everything else, including trivia, has nothing to do with the entry and should be avoided.
    • It shouldn't be necessary to clarify this, but remember that this list is NOT a chatroom. Don't EVER post in first person or add smileys/emojies to an entry.
  • It's highly suggested to report bugs on the forum (or as "issues" on github), then mention them here, linking to the specific forum post for more info.
  • Part of these "0.8.8" bugs may have been discovered in OA 0.8.5 and they are still "open", probably because they have not been fixed yet, but in some cases it may be because the list has not been updated correctly yet. 0.8.5 bugs already resolved at 0.8.8 release have been moved to Bugs/Archive page.

Bug list[]


This section includes stuff related to how the game works "behind the scenes": sound/video/input/networking handling and AI libraries. The corresponding repository is OpenArena/engine.

  • If you use PHP or another server-side language on your webserver to serve the autodownload files, you need to send a 'Content-Length' header. Otherwise the OpenArena client will crash! Maybe an error message would be better than a crash. Related post.
  • Unless using an expressly-modified dpmaster server (e.g., see here for info about it), IPv6 OpenArena servers are not listed (even if using an IPv6 client). Related post.
  • OA 0.8.8 added the "cascaded" version of Bloom graphic feature, but it had a glitch. The fix should be here, but still has to be applied to test binaries.
  • OA 0.8.8 added the support for GLSL effects. A little fix for their console output has been created here, but still has to be applied to test binaries.
  • Observed that a server is indicated as empty ( 0 / x players) in the in-game server browser while qstat server queries (ping > 0) and entering the server confirmed that 2 human players are there (one with empty name -> NamelessX and one with some plain unstyled name). Note: Number of human players are counted by the server. If the server uses an alternative binary without human player count support. Then the numbers will be wrong.
  • Since OpenArena 0.8.5, "cl_yawspeed" and "cl_pitchspeed" are hardcoded to 140.0 value. But the variables do not result as "read-only" or "cheat-protected", you simply change them but they have no effect: this may be confusing and seem a bug. It should be clearer that they are protected, and there could be some server-side way to disable the lock, or maybe allowing some ranges of freedom. Related thread. An update here.
  • Running a dedicated server from openarena.exe instead of oa-ded.exe, it can be noticed that typing "say" command on the server, the sender of the message is shown to everyone as a strange string such as "own weapon]" instead of "console". The bug happens after switching from non-dedicated to dedicated mode. Mentioned here and then analyzed in this thread. In the meanwhile, it is advisable to do not switch between non-dedicated and dedicated server modes (or vice versa) after startup, but to use OS command line parameter instead.
  • It has been mentioned a bug for which, after map change/restart, the client would change from using server-specific to its generic GUID despite "cl_guidServerUniq" being set to 1, which may lead to the need to ban the same user two times. This has to be confirmed. See this forum post for infos. (A proposed fix has been closed on September 2021 due to some problem with it, waiting for a better version)
  • Reported by 2001:983:44C4:1:DC38:DB27:C997:281F on 2018-04-17 - Can't start a game at all. After selecting 'Fight' in the menu the game crashes. This happens for any screen resolution. Windowed and fullscreen modes. I'm using a 4K video card.
    I'm using video drivers package nvidia-390 (latest at time of posting this) installed via
    See also the logs and details listed at
    Note: the user didn't specify if he got the game downloading an official package or from a linux distro repository. OA versions from linux repos sometimes show some problems which do not happen with official OA packages.
  • flagcap.wav (you are on red team, and red team scores) plays half speed and half length on SDL, plays twice on SDL and OpenAL. Should be mono, not stereo?
  • When the music track restarts, a yellow warning message tells that the music format is not 22khz stereo. Maybe OA music introduced in 0.8.8 has got higher sound quality than music thought for original Q3A? Maybe we could make that warning appear only when using verbose console output (developer 1), OR when the format is different than both 22khz and 44khz? In the case that the game cannot get any advantage by using music higher than 22khz, the music files might be re-encoded to strictly follow that format. Related post, also this one. Github issue.
  • Sound files for sound effects (such as target_speaker) should be mono. But in case a sound effect file is stereo, it is played at full volume (instead of fading out when going away frm its source) in OpenAL audio mode. See also here. Github issue.
  • In OpenAL audio mode, sound emitted by target_speaker entities ends abrutly as soon as the area where the entity is becomes hiden by VIS optimization. Apparently a bug in ioquake3 OpenAL support. See github issue.
  • VIS optimization stops in-game sounds (such as grenades bouncing or exploding). So you may not hear a sound coming from behind a colum even if it's very close to you. Considering it behaves this way since Q3A, wondering whether this is intentional or just an overlook. See github issue.


This section comprehends issues related to the client display (cgame), game/AI logic handling (game), classic UI (q3_ui) and MP UI (ui) modules of the game. The corresponding repository is OpenArena/gamecode.

Be aware that classic UI/MP 0.8.8 UI issues have a very low priority, as they're going to be both replaced by a reworked UI based on the MP UI called UI3. Issues for classic UI/MP UI are located in Bugs/Rejected#Assets and UI. See also #UI3.

  • Problem: it does not show text for picked up items if you enable \cg_alwaysWeaponBar 1. And it does not write the name of the weapon you are selecting. Related post.
  • If the server changes the g_motd cvar (the short Message of the day), the clients will see the new text only after the server re-started the map (or loaded another one). Related post.
  • Manually adding bots, specifying their team (or using !putteam admin command), may lead to strange behaviours, where a bot appears of a team (in its color and in the score table), for example red, but acts like a player of the other team, for example blue, attacking red players, sending "team chat" messages to the blue team, and capturing the red flag (scoring for the blue team). Related post.
  • If someone customizes the killing sprees messages, he can set "printpos = 1" to have them shown centered, instead of in the console. But in this case only the other players will see the message, not the player that gets the killing spree (maybe the "you fragged xxxxx" message "covers" it). More, the font used with "printpos = 1" is big, and allows about 40-43 characters max... that are not much: for example, a "Player is on a killing spree!!! ( 5 kills!!! )" message is 47 characters long and would end out of the screen! Related post.
  • In Harvester, the "Player team scores" guitar riff plays when the rival team scores, and the "Rival team scores" guitar chords play when the player team scores. See also on github.
  • "!Mute" command in admin system does not seem to work. Mentioned here and here.
  • Pointed out with 0.8.5: the voting procedure sometimes does not show the description of the current vote (causing players do not know what is the question they have to answer yes or no). It has been hypotized here that this may happen when there are many players in the server (around 16), and you are not the one that called the vote. This hypotesys should be checked with both OpenArena 0.8.5, and with 0.8.8 (in this case, with both dmflags 0 and dmflags 512).
  • Pointed out with 0.8.5 with many players in the server and (probably) a shuffle vote (please read here): after vote passed, player has been kicked out, with console showing messages such as "ERROR: CL_GetServerCommand: a reliable command was cycled out" and "Received signal 11, exiting... (I crashed it)".
    • Being tackled in Gamecode#51. As a temporary measure, Shuffle has been removed from the game.
  • In Elimination mode, during the "inactive" elimination warmup, players of one of the two teams spawn in a place where there should not be spawn points (e.g. in a wall), and immediately die; then they can only spectate other players, until the "active" warmup time begins (at that time, they spawn again and take control of their character). Related post
    • If also g_dowarmup (generic warmup) is active, they will experience the instant death two times: the first at the beginning og the g_dowarmup time, and the second at the beginning of the "inactive" elimination warmup. It seems to affect Elimination (gametype 8) and CTF Elimination (gametype 9), but not Last Man Standing (gametype 10, similar but without teams) mode.
    • Also related to the above, in Elimination and CTF Elimination, just after initial map loading, you can see the arena from an unexpected point of view, for a few moments. This is due to the fact that the spawn-routine is disabled until the warm-up begins, and thus you will see the map from 0,0,0 (facing 360) coordinates for a while. It's not a major problem (you will correctly spawn soon: this time depends from the difference between elimination_warmup and elimination_activewarmup variables), but anyway, the case 0,0,0 may be the external void or inside a wall. It can be noticed in few situations only, e.g. while starting the map from the Skirmish menu. Mentioned in Sago's reply to this post.
  • In Elimination mode, during the "waiting for players" phase (and in case "g_dowarmup" is enabled, also during the generic warmup), part of weapons sounds are not played. Probably it's a bug, considering that it does not affect g_dowarmup while playing in Deathmatch (g_gametype 0) or TDM (gametype 3), even with g_elimination 1. It seems to affect Elimination (gametype 8) and CTF Elimination (gametype 9), but not Last Man Standing (gametype 10, similar but without teams) mode. Related post.
  • It has been mentioned a bug with the "!admin system" which would cause it to fail to save ban list, which then would probably work only until map changes. This has to be confirmed. See this forum post for infos.
  • It looks like g_enablebreath does not work as intented, as only the server set it according to the value of the map, but the clients _do not_ set it following the value of the server (nor of the map). See also this and the following posts.
  • With cg_oldrail 0, when you shoot with the railgun aiming to a very far object, the inner trace is not drawn. When aiming at other distances (still very far), the inner trace is not drawn and the outer spiral "begins" far, far away from you (unless you use zoom, it is difficult to see the spiral). To try, go to wrackdm17, take the railgun and begin shooting at the opposite "invisible wall" of the map, at various heights. See also here. Also opened bug on ioquake 3 bugzilla here.
    • UPDATE - WARNING: This "graphic" bug may somehow be related to a gameplay limitation of the railgun... the railgun range is limited to 8192 units (the machinegun range is 16 times longer)... probably, if you can see the graphic bug, this means that you cannot hit your target (independently from your cg_oldrail value... try it in cbctf1 map)... thus maybe correcting the graphic bug without extending the weapon range may not be the best solution (removing the only sort of "indication" of being out of range)... I think that -if you don't want to extend the railgun range- fixing the graphic bug and adding some "out of range" or "too far" message after a similar shot would be a much more elegant solution. Please read this topic.
  • When you spectate a player in a CTF game, the "enemy has your flag" sound is not played when it should.
    • Proposed solution: there should be spectator-specific announcer sounds on the line of "Red team has the/your flag".
  • In Elimination, when the character falls, the damage-taken sound should be disabled if the character does not take damage.
  • If cg_leiEnhancements is set to 1, then your cg_oldplasma value is ignored, and you always see it like with cg_oldplasma 1. Detected in OA 0.8.5 and still there in OA 0.8.8.
  • The grapple AI logic for bots has many bugs: it's unclear if they try to pick-up the grapple or not... if they fire the grapple and miss the edge of the target wall, they try again without correcting the aim... if they have to go to a place where they would have used grapple but don't have it yet, they start pointlessy firing at that place with standard weapons. Related post. Also: this and this.
  • Updating cg_weaponorder default value to integrate weapons 11, 12 and 13. Considering that if a weapon is not in the list, this prevents both autoswitching FROM and TO that weapon (in modes 3 and 4), it is important all weapons are there. See this thread.
  • With elimination_grapple (OA 0.8.8) or g_grapple (OAX), trying in am_galmevish/am_galmevish2 maps it is possible to notice a possible problem (epilepsy warning!) that straying attached to a teleporter in certain maps may cause teleport loop until you release the button. See here and the following posts.
  • Your lightning gun (and maybe also your gauntlet) can fire also from your dead body, causing strange effects. You can easily test it in Elimination mode on map am_galmevish. Read also here.
  • In the NIN clan Discord, it has been mentioned a bug where people spectating teammates in Elimination modes might have their score and time counters reset to 0. Treb and Rdndt cntrl users initally noticed this in Ratmod mod, then said it was from baseoa. Some more testing may be welcome.
  • Accuracy overlay shows wrong values for Nailgun. See github issue.
  • Just a small issue only affecting a few scenarios for developers/testers. If you pause bots with bot_pause 1, they will be disconnected after three minutes (or less than 1 and half minute, in team-based modes), which might interfere with the testing you were doing. See github issue.


This section is about bugs located in the reworked Missionpack UI. The corresponding repository is OpenArena/UI3.

Need clarification[]

These issues are being placed here due to a lack of information regarding the exact problem and the steps to reproduce them.

  • The icons for the Neutral Flag (also used in Domination) and the Red and Blue skulls are missing.
  • Sounds when taking a flag are quite chaotic.
  • Mechanical sound when changing weapon are too much.

Already fixed[]

This section may also include workarounds. See also Bugs/Workarounds.

  • For background music, if you specify a filename without extension in the apposite key in worldspawn entity, it searches for both .wav and .ogg extension, and it's ok. If you specify one of the two extensions, instead, is searches for it only, which is not optimal in case one may want to create replacements for Q3A musics and make them as .ogg, since third party maps may have specified .wav extension.
    • FIXED in test binaries, searching for both .wav and .ogg in all cases. See also this post.
  • If you don't have OpenAL installed and/or activated (problem found with Windows XP and OA 0.8.5), if you change mod using the "mods" menù, the sound will stop working. No problem if you launch the mod directly from Windows' command prompt (for example openarena.exe +set fs_game missionpack). See here on the forum. In this thread, more test have been done: a snd_restart command makes the sound work again; Sago argued that, maybe, under Windows, the video and sound systems may need to be loaded in a specific order.
    • FIXED in test binaries.
  • Sound effects using stereo sounds are played half speed and truncated in SDL audio mode.
    • FIXED in test builds (at least for target_speaker), however mappers should use mono files for sound effects. See also here.
  • Throwing proximity mines near to your own flag makes them explode after 3 seconds instead of 20. While this is probably a good addition, it has got the "side effect" of applying also to modes where the flags are useless or hidden, such as TDM and Elimination, which may be considered a bug. See forum post.
    • FIXED: OAX nightly build 2017-01-21 (and partially with some previous build)... now if you throw prox mines near to your own base, they will explode after a short time only if it's relevant for the current gametype (searching for flag or obelisk depending from the gametype).
  • In Harvester, the game allows to pick up blue/red/neutral (even if the latter is automatically hidden in this gametype, it's still possible to touch it) flags and transforms them into skulls you can use to score. It happens only once per match due to the flags do not respawn. Github issue. Has workarounds. Check Bugs/Workarounds
    • FIXED in January 2020.
  • In Harvester, if you suicide using /kill right after the match starts, the corresponding skull is not generated. Github issue.
    • FIXED.
  • When you enter Multiplayer menu, it "remembers" the last filters/order you used. But if you last de-selected "hide private" option, the next time you enter the menu, it is not remembered. Related post.
    • Fix proposed in #122, merged in April 2023.
  • With cg_weaponbarstyle 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and elimination_grapple 1 (in Elimination mode or similar), the icon of the grapple is not loaded (appearing as missing) until you select it. Related post.
    • Fixed in recent gamecode. Also elimination_grapple has been replaced by g_grapple.
  • With "accurate" game physics (pmove_float), when on a "slick" surface there is an unexpected acceleration, which does not happen with other physics modes. See github issue.
    • It should have been fixed by this commit, by simply making "slick" surfaces (which are extremely rare) fall back to framerate-dependent or fixed-fps game physics behavior.

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