CTF Elimination: g_gametype 9.


Basically the same as Elimination (please read the page about it) but with flags.

Rules are the same except that a flag capture instantly wins the round and the sides never change team spawn points.

One way capture[]

To add a little twist to the game the server admin can change the CVAR \elimination_ctf_oneway to 1 to allow oneway mode.

In one way mode one team is the offensive and another the defensive. Only the offensive team can capture the flag. The defensive team cannot even return the flag.

The tiebreak rule is a bit different. If time runs out the defensive team will always win.

In the next round, the team that previously defended will attack, and vice-versa.


  • \capturelimit <number> - number of captures/rounds won to win the match. Default value is 8.
  • \elimination_ctf_oneway <0 or 1> - enables (1) or disables (0) the One way capture mode. Default value is 0.

See Elimination#CVARs for more related variables.

Please notice[]

Playing CTF Elimination gametype is not the same as playing standard Capture the Flag mode plus enabling the g_elimination special game option: in both cases you will enter the game with the weapons set for Elimination mode, but the rules will be different; in CTF Elimination you can win also by fragging all your enemies, while in Capture the Flag killed characters will respawn immediately and you must capture the flag to score. Both modes/styles may be very nice to play.

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