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-2. Conception of the model, ideas on what would make it a suitable model for the game (size, proportions, finding ideal splittability)

-1. Making the model, unwrapping the model, skinning the model

0. Preparing your copy of Blender to export to the MD3 format (involving the export plugin from the TremX repository, or newer)

1. Preparing the model into 3 sections - lower, upper, head, with '0 0 0' origin for each. Creation of tags. (empties with names of "tag_weapon", "tag_torso", "tag_head"). Naming of surfaces (u_torso, l_legs, h_head, h_hair, etc). Putting the sections into seperate layers, for easy sorting.

2. Creating two skeletons - lower, and upper. Rigging the model to the skeletons.

3. Animating the model - explaining independent sequences and shared frames (the first 3 death animations), temporarily parenting the upper skeleton to tag_torso for animating that, etc.

4. Writing the animation.cfg (The REALLY SCARY part of writing the tutorial, as you would have to cleverly word on how to start the LOWER frames sequences in there.)

5. Exporting the model - selecting mesh and tags, applying modifiers (important), checking for excessive vertices on a surface. (>1000)

6. Testing your model in the game for any problems. If the animation looks stupid, go back to step 3.

7. EXTRA: adding sound effects to the model

8. EXTRA: Writing/using a bot file

9. EXTRA: LOD mesh creation

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