Here's a list of content which previously formed part of OpenArena, but which, with the time, it was cut from future versions, from maps to character models and skins to other features.

Bear in mind that, although the content is present in the game, we aren't going to fix bugs in these maps, and that their inclusion in the servers' mapcycle[1] is responsibility of the servers' owners, not ours.

Maps Edit

Dummied out Edit

These maps are available in 0.8.8, but aren't available through the Skirmish and Create server menus, only through the console (they are listed using the /map <TAB key> command):

Map Since Reason
am_galmevish 0.8.1 am_galmevish2.
am_underworks 0.8.5 am_underworks2. Also lack of quality.
dm4ish 0.1.0 Lack of quality. Also, dm4ishv2.
fan 0.7.0 pxlfan, and lack of space in arenas.txt.
hydronex 0.7.0 hydronex2.
islandctf Not completed.
islanddm Not completed.
kaos 0.6.0 kaos2.
oa_bases3cl ? oa_bases3. Also, incomplete: crashes in some modes due to missing spawn points, including CTF.
oa_bases5 0.7.0 Lack of space in arenas.txt.
oa_ctf2old 0.7.6 oa_ctf2.
oa_dm6 0.7.0 dm6ish.
ps37ctf 0.8.1 ps37ctf2.
q3dm6ish 0.1.0 Lack of quality.

Atticed/removed Edit

These maps were included in earlier versions, but were removed from the game and/or the SVN due to one or several reasons:

Map Since Reason .map in SVN?
dm3ish pre-0.4.0 Removed because of bad quality and textures stopping to work. X
oa_bubctf1 0.5 Map completely removed due to licensing issues with the map itself.
q3dm6ish_v2 0.8.0 Licensing issues with textures. X
schism-b2 0.8.0 Licensing issues with textures. X
suction 0.7.0 Atticed. Explanation here. X
void2 pre-0.4.0 Removed because of bad quality. X
void3 pre-0.4.0 Removed because of bad quality. X
void4 pre-0.4.0 Atticed after 0.6, due to textures stopping to work. X

SVN maps Edit

These maps are included in the official SVN repository. Players can take a look at them if they want by compiling their own version of OA's sources.

Map Thread Notes
am_harv-sod here Just a test of Harvester mode with an unconventional layout.
am_icyhell here Requires a big overhaul.
dm4ishv2 here As part of the Quake tribute mappack.
oa_bod here Requires better texture replacements.
oa_dm1v2 here As part of the Quake tribute mappack.
oa_dm5v2 here As part of the Quake tribute mappack.
oa_reptctf3 here Facelift undergoing. A better version is out there, but there's a license problem with the textures.
oa_reptctf11ta here

Models and skins Edit

Some skins can only be chosen through the console. More than "cut content", they are hidden, unrefined experimental skins.

These are the skins up to 0.8.8:

  • beret/cooldude
  • gargoyle/obs
  • kyonshi/beh
  • major/leth
  • neko/old

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  1. Through map rotation scripts or auto next map mappools
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