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You can select gametype when creating a new game using "Singleplayer" --> "Skirmish" or "Multiplayer" --> "Create" menù. It is also possible to change gametype from console using \g_gametype <value>. For example /g_gametype 0 sets "Free for All" game mode (to apply the change immediately, then use /map_restart). G_gametype 2 is not intended to be played in multiplayer mode: there is the risk to get stuck at the end of the match. Multiplayer deathmatches populated with bots are usually obtained using g_gametype 0 and bot_minplayers <n> variables. Since g_gametype changes are effective at match (re)start, remember to set it before the "map" command in your server configuration file.

If you are creating a map, remember to test it with more gametypes... do not limit yourself to the classic modes (0-4)! You may want to read the Mapping and Mapping information for special gametypes pages.

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