In this page you will find some graphic resourcers and tutorials about making graphic game art.

Note: like all the other stuff, any official texture in OpenArena must be under the GPLv2 license (or under Public Domain), not GPLv3. If you used a multi-layer image to create a texture, aside of the final .tga, .jpg or .png, you must include as well the "source" .xcf (GIMP), .kra (Krita), .psd (Adobe Photoshop) or other multi-layer format file, like .ora (OpenRaster format, supported by Krita and some other programs). See also DeveloperFAQ#What about licensing?.

And respect the copyright of others! You can re-use only Public Domain or GPLv2 stuff (in the latter case, you must mention the original authors, too).

DO NOT use "progressive encoding" in JPG files for OA, because some versions of the engine are not capable of loading maps containing them. Also, use RGB, not CMYK format.

For best results, texture sizes (height and width) should be power of two (see also Manual/Graphic options#Round images down/up).

The GIMP[]

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a popular and powerful replacement for Adobe Photoshop. While there are several places this can be obtained, The GIMP's official website cautions users to only download the program from their page or the sites they specifically link to. Please do not link to tutorials from GIMPshop on this page.






Public domain image resource sites[]

GPL image resource sites[]

Reminder: OpenArena uses GPLv2+ license; "GPLv3 only" and "GPLv3+" stuff is not acceptable.

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