Last Man Standing: g_gametype 10.


Last Man Standing (LMS for short) is a free for all variant of Elimination with a few minor twists.

The game is played in rounds. The goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible in each round and preferably make sure that your closest competitors don't survive for too long.

Each player begins with all weapons (ammo quantity selectable using variables), can't hurt himself with his own weapons, and there are no items in the maps. When you get fragged, you will have to wait until the end of the round.

By default Overtime (OT) is used so there can be at most 1 survivor each round.

Players might have multiple lives. If you set \g_lms_lives higher than 1, players will have more lives before they are out from each round: when someone is killed, he immediately returns in game (like in standard Free For All mode); when he runs out of lives, he will have to wait until the end of the round. You can see players' lives holding TAB key.


When the time runs out, the game might be decided in Overtime.

In Overtime, everyone loses 5 health per second until they die. You can be killed by the game in Overtime so make sure you have the most health.


There are 4 different scoring modes modes:

Point per round and Overtime (Default)[]

In this mode only the last survivor gets a point. If there are multiple survivors the game will go into overtime until a winner is found. If everybody dies simultaneously no one wins the round.

In this mode it is a good idea to avoid combat.

Point per round without Overtime[]

Same as before but all survivors at the end of a round win.

Point per kill with Overtime[]

Everytime a player is eliminated all remaining players get a point.

In overtime people keep on getting points.

Point per kill without Overtime[]

You get a kill every time a player is eliminated. You are not rewarded for surviving a round.


  • g_lms_mode - select score mode [0=Round+OT, 1=Round-OT, 2=Kill+OT, 3=Kill-OT]
  • g_lms_lives - change number of lives before players are out from each round (default is 1)
  • This mode uses various variables from Elimination mode. For example, you can use \elimination_railgun <number> to change starting ammo for railgun. Please refer to Elimination#CVARs for a complete list.
  • Fraglimit and/or Timelimit to select when the match will end.