All downloads are for GNU/Linux i386/x86_64, Mac OS X[1] and Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.[2]

Linux distributions might have their own OpenArena packages: see the Linux section on the Install page.

OpenArena is also available on Desura digital distribution platform, and has also been "ported" to other platforms, such as Android and Ouya: see Ports and markets page.

The current version is 0.8.8, which is available as patch for previous versions or complete package.[3]

If you are searching for OpenArena Community Mappack downloads, please refer to the page about each specific OACMP Volume for its own download links.

v0.8.8 unified Zip archive[]

Size 426 MiB
Md5 9f353d96d7889c377349d692c3905e5b
Sha1 37ab41990b37459822ce8c2fe590607616e1f6d1

Warning: there is a very important note for MAC OSX users about this package, otherwise the game will not start: please read Manual/Install#About OA 0.8.8 on Mac.

v0.8.8 patch Zip archive[]

This patch is meant for users of 0.8.5 version who haven't downloaded the 0.8.8 patch.

Size 79 MiB
Md5 45da37955eba40cfd0e6e0f89cbb4b61
Sha1 c1f36c346cfe67dd9b844681ee506bdfb55b267e

v0.8.5 patch Zip archive[]

This patch is meant for users of 0.8.1 version who haven't downloaded the 0.8.5 or 0.8.8 patch. This version is NOT supported.

Size 43 MiB
Md5 b2a0437da751cd50dd2351ed9e0c4e9d
Sha1 70dd19c64adab348071c831d92dc4aa10f459110

See the announcement of 0.8.5 in the forum.

v0.8.1 Zip archive[]

To install: Copy the files from the archive into a installation folder of your choice. This version is NOT supported.

Size 319 MiB
Md5 49006bcb02b4e8ea3d06749e8f4e4887
Sha1 526c39e51d0b53177b02bd490bf830f622f35ad5


  1. OSX 10.7.5 and later may require an extra step in order to run it, being and "unsigned app": please read Manual/Install#Mac .
  2. If you are using Microsoft Windows 8.1 and you are experiencing "mouse lag" problems (mouse lag and unresponsiveness of player view and cursor in menus at slow speed), please read here for a specific workaround.
  3. Important note: if you have patch pak6-patch085.pk3 file in your homepath/baseoa folder (homepath is your configuration and autodownloaded files folder), you should either move it to your basepath/baseoa folder (basepath is your OpenArena installation directory), or place also pak6-patch088.pk3 under your homepath folder. If 085 patch is under homepath and 088 patch is under basepath folder, you will experience problems! It's strongly advisable to place both patches in the same folder!

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