Medals are simple "awards" that you earn by doing some particular things.

These medals are shown and announced in-game in the moment when you get them. When a player gets one of them, the relative icon will appear over his head for a while. This happens in any matches you play.

For most of them, when you will achieve one, you will see its icon on-screen, and hear the annoucer saying its name, but some are only shown at the end of a Single Player Deathmatch game. Some are shown for a while over the head of the player that gets them. Some of them are stored and shown in the Single Player Deathmatch menu, while others are stored and shown in the Statistics menu, depending from which they are, and in what game mode/against who you get them.

Those of them that you get in Single Player Deathmatch mode (and only in that mode!) are also shown when the match ends, and are stored and shown in the "Single Player Deathmach" menu everytime you enter it.

Those obtained when playing in Multiplayer mode are instead stored under the "Statistics" menu, but only those obtained against human players. Those obtained when playing in Skirmish mode are not stored.


Excellent085.png Excellent: Given when the player gains two frags within two seconds.
Gaunlet.png Gauntlet: Awarded when the player successfully frags someone with the gauntlet.
Impressive085.png Impressive: Given when the player achieves two consecutive hits with the railgun.
Perfect085.png Perfect: Achieved when the player finishes one match without dying. Quite hard to get at high skill levels. Single Player Deathmatch only.
Accurancy.png Accuracy: Awarded when more than the half of player's shots of the whole match have hit other players. Single Player Deathmatch only.
Frags085.png Frags: Achieved each time the player racks 100 frags, 200 and so on... Single Player Deathmatch only.
Assist 085.jpg Assist: Achieved when you return your flag within ten seconds before a teammate of yours makes a capture. Base-based gametypes only, doesn't appear in SPD.
Capture 085.jpg Capture: Achieved when the player scores capturing the flag. Base-based gametypes only, doesn't appear in SPD.
Defense 085.jpg Defend: The "Defend" or "Defense" medal is achieved when you kill an enemy that was inside your base, or that was hitting a team-mate of yours that was carrying the flag. Base-based gametypes only, doesn't appear in SPD.

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