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Note: everything meant to be included in any official OpenArena release must be available under GPLv2 license (or Public Domain, but GPLv3 only is not acceptable), and with source files available. This does not include only maps, but also everything inside them: models, textures, shaders. See also DeveloperFAQ#License.

OpenArena maps are usually designed using GTKRadiant or NetRadiant editors. However, also the old Q3Radiant can be used, and someone even uses Blender (the program usually used to create models) to create maps (about the last one, you can take a look here). Someone uses QuArK (Quake Army Knife) editor.

OpenArena Mapping Manual (WIP) Edit

This is a work in progress where all the info scattered around the web is collected, resumed and stored in a convenient place. Only the completed pages wil be shown. For the rest of the pages, check the Mapping manual page.

  • Pre-mapping stage: What makes a good map, the limits of the IdTech3 engine, map planning, the editor's grid, beta testing.
  • Lighting: Theory about lighting, how it works into OA (the LIGHT stage), how it's added to the maps, the "light" entity.
  • Weapon and item placement: How and where to place weapons, ammopacks and items.
  • Triggers and movers: Explanation of what the func_*, misc_*, path_*, shooter_*, target_* and trigger_* entities do.
  • Mapmodels: What are mapmodels, the misc_model entity, the .ase format, how to create .ase mapmodels, other supported formats.
  • Optimization and troubleshooting: How to optimize a map for better performance.
    • Hint brushes: The VIS stage, the hint brushes, and how and where to use them.
    • Bot play: How BSPC works, the info_camp and item_botroam entities, clusterportals, how to optimize a map for good botplay.
  • Appendix A: Glossary of terms: What some mapping terms mean.
  • Appendix C: Modelling a map: How to create a map from models.
  • Appendix E2: Model sets: OpenArena's default model sets in both 0.8.8 and SVN versions.

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Level Design Tips and Know-Hows Edit

Most of the time it is highly recommended to follow the word of those who make levels for games for a living. They often offer better know-how about level design. Also included in this list are some top-10 with the best FPS maps and what gives them such status.

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These utilities make you to not to worry about messing with command lines, as they do the batch processes for you.

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