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A castle composed of several areas, mostly 1-floored ones.

Let's start with the Central Yard. It's a big area holding some bushes, some pillars, and the Lightning Gun. It connects almost every other room/section of the map. At the north of this area there's an upper balcony holding the Rocket Launcher.

At the very west of the map, we have the Pit area. Like it's name says, it's composed by a deathpit. Hovering over it, there's a Megahealth. This area has also some ramps, one of which holds a Grenade Launcher. It connects the South Room, the Railgun-Pit passage and the Central Yard. The lower corner which connects this area with the Central Yard is the spawning area for the Red team in Elimination matches.

The South Room is located at the South of the map. It's a room with some structures acting as cover, and which holds some armor shards and the Plasma Gun. Next to it is a smaller room connecting it with the Entrance area.

The Entrance area has several balconies, some of them holding important items such as weapons or the Body Armor. It connects the South Room with the Dining Room. In Elimination matches, the Blue team starts in this area.

The Dining Room has a big table holding a Quad Damage, and a library. There's a walkway connecting both upper entrances. It's the only room which holds no weapon.

There're other areas of interest, such as a small cross-shaped room which holds the Railgun, and whose instant exit gives a good sniping point.

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Item locations

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Weapon Count Location
A: 2
Ammo: 1x Entrance; 1x Pit, ramps.
W: 1
A: 1
Weapon: 1x Entrance, in the first balcony.
Ammo: 1x Entrance, below the bridge.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Pit, at one of the ramps.
Ammo: 1x Dining, at the northeast corner; 1x Southwest corner.
W: 2
A: 4
Weapon: 1x Entrance, below the second balcony; 1x Central Yard, upper balcony.
Ammo: 1x Southwest corner; 1x Central Yard, below the upper balcony's end; 1x passage South-Entrance; 1x Dining, at the middle-east.
W: 1
A: 1
Weapon: 1x Central Yard.
Ammo: 1x Entrance, upper northeast corner.
W: 1
A: 1
Weapon: 1x upper spot.
Ammo: 1x Entrance, upper southeast corner.
W: 1
A: 2
Weapon: 1x South Room.
Ammo: 1x Central Yard, south; 1x Pit-Railgun passage.

Items Edit

Item Amount Where?
+5 Health 3 3x Pit-Railgun passage.
+25 Health 3 1x South Room; 1x Dining Room, upper balcony; 1x Entrance, below third balcony.
+50 Health 1 1x Central Yard.
Megahealth 1 1x Pit, hovering over the deathpit.
Armor Shard 8 2x Pit-Railgun passage; 2x South-Entrance passage; 4x South Room.
Combat Armor 1 1x Yard-Dining upper passage.
Body Armor 1 1x Entrance, over the third balcony.
Quad Damage 1 1x Dining Room, above table.
Health Armor Powerup Holdable Rune

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