A mod is an add-on, a modification that changes one or more aspects of the game.

This usually means that the game logic is changed, e.g. adding new gametypes or weapons and also adding the required textures and models for this. Maps, playermodels and texture packs are modifications as well, but are usually not considered a mod themself.

A mod is created by downloading, editing, compiling and packing the game logic of OpenArena. There are different kinds of mods

  • Client-side mods - which change the client logic or user interface. Those need to be installed on the clients.
  • Server-side mods - which only change the server logic. Those do not need to be installed on the clients, but are also limited in their abilities.

If a mod also needs modifications of the client engine, it usually becomes a standalone game.

A main feature and goal of OA is its compatibility with many mods designed for Quake III Arena. So, here there are some pages you may find useful.

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