Akimbo 02 Different weapons
Cyril Gantin
Current version 1.2
Status Inactive
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Akimbo is a mod that will allow you to use two weapons at the same time, one for each arm! You can use two identical or different weapons. This enables new fighting techniques. You could simpy have double fire-power/fire-rate, or be ready for both short and long distance encounters with different weapons. You will use two separate "fire" keys for the two weapons.

You will have some new options in the menu when creating a new game: if you want you can change the weapon respawn time, reduce the damage caused by the weapons, double the quantity of ammo in the boxes, disable the BFG. Unless you disable that function, bots will use the second weapon, even if you can't see the characters holding it.

You will have to use the menù (Setup -> Controls -> Akimbo) to bind two new keys: one to shoot with the second weapon, the other to select the way you will cycle the weapons. Pressing this button during the game will show "left hand", "right hand" or "both hands" on the HUD: cycling the weapons will then change one or both of them. Alternating this button and cycling the weapons, you will select one for each arm.
You can also use the keys 1-9 (or those you have remapped, if you changed them) to switch weapons: first time you press the number, one arm will take that weapon; press again and you will use two indentical weapons.

According to the "readme" file included with the mod, you can bind more commands to separately cycle the right and the left weapon, or to set a specific key for a specific weapon and hand.

Installation Edit

Just copy (unzip) it in your openarena directory. Launch the mod, then use Setup -> Controls -> Akimbo menù to bind the new keys. You can play OpenArena with dual weapons.

Compatibility chart Edit

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
No 1.0 0.8.5 Not working (designed for an old Quake 3 PointRelease). You will have to quit typing /quit in console. Console will show many "RE_RegisterFont: FreeType code not available" errors.
Yes 1.2 0.8.5 You will not see the background image for the main menù. You will be able to use the four classic game modes (FFA, Tournament, TDM, CTF) and you will not find the three weapons from Team Arena.

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