Animal Arena
Current version 0.8.7b
Status Inactive

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Installation Edit

Copy .pk3 files in a ~/.openarena/animal directory. Note: ~/.openarena is a Linux specific path; in general, you can create the "animal" directory inside your OpenArena installation folder or under your homepath folder.

Compatiblity Chart Edit

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 0.87 Beta 0.7.1 Haven't tested seriously yet, but it seems to work. GNU/Linux Debian Testing
Yes ? 0.7.0WIP stock player models missing(necessary to identify classes apart), graphics glitches (rocket LODs, chaingun and railgun muzzleflashes, flamethrower boom) ?

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0.8.3 beta Edit

0.8.7 beta Edit

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