Bid For Power
Golden Hammer Software
A.k.a. BFP
Current version 1.2[1]
Status Inactive
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Bid for Power is a Total Conversion designed for Quake 3 Arena, that completely changes the game. It features huge outdoor maps, thirdperson view, characters that fly and do not use weapons, but evergy attacks thanks to their own "ki" (aura, spirit energy or how you want to call it), and melee combat if needed.

The mod was initially designed using Dragon Ball Z characters and locations, but copyright issues forced them to retool it, removing DBZ references and creating brand new characters. Unofficial packages that allowed to add back DBZ-related stuff were available on the net.

A variety of fan-based alternatives were made, such as English BFP and Bid For Speed.

Installation Edit

Just copy it in your openarena directory.

Client side: it seems you have to manually activate the mod in the mods section of the game menu before joining a server running bfpq3, otherwise you will get kicked from it.

Compatibility chart Edit

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 1.2 0.7.1 Online support works ! Didn't found the map with missing textures ... GNU/Linux Debian Testing
Mostly ? 0.6.0 Online support in question (one map misses some textures) ?

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  1. 1.2 is the final mod version for Q3A/OA. There's also a standalone version, with version numbers starting from 2.0: a fork by third-party developers named English Bid For Power Final, but that one does violate Q3 SDK license.
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