Mod Name: NIQ3

Also known as: No Items Quake 3

Instructions to make it work: Just copy it in your openarena directory.

Works Mod Version OA Version Notes Operating System
Yes 1.0 final 0.8.5


Sometimes, server will make shots bounce against walls.

NIQ3 means No Items Quake 3. Before this one, a similar "NIQ" mod was available for Quake 2, by another author. In short: in this Mod, you will not find any powerup: no weapons, no ammo boxes. All players have the same weapon at the same time: server cycles weapons every "n" (selectable, default=30) seconds. Your ammo and health will be slowly and automatically refilled.

At every weapon change, the server could also change the gravity of the map or give a powerup (like Quad Damage) to the players. Sometimes server will make projectiles bounce on walls. Some menus have been restyled, and you will be able to easily set various options, for example the additional damage of Quad Damage, istagib option for railgun, friendly fire on or off, which weapons will be used (enable at least two of them), re-enable some items in the map...

Sometimes, server will give items (in this case, invisibility) to all players.

Interface allows to easily create a list of maps that will be automatically switched by the game, and various options for the selection of the bots (random or manual) and their skill. Interface also helps to save and load custom configuration files.

HTML manual in the directory of the mod illustrates various commands. Help is also available from the game's console, with the command /help.


As the name suggests, this mod was created for Quake 3 Arena. It works well with OpenArena (tested NIQ3 v1.0 final with OA v0.8.5). You will be able to select NIQ3 FFA, NIQ3 Tournament, NIQ3 TDM and NIQ3 CTF game modes. You will not find the three weapons from Team Arena (supported by OA, but not by the original Q3A).


If the game freezes when it should load a map, probably it's because you disabled too many weapons: terminate the process from your operating system, then launch OpenArena and NIQ3 mod again, go to "Skirmish" menu and click "Items" button: here at least two weapons must be enabled (on)... if there is no weapon enabled, or only one, the game will freeze (tested with OA 0.8.5 and NIQ3 v1.0 final).


  • If you want to try something similar without using a mod, using OpenArena you can work with Elimination mode variables. That has the advantages that you can do it without downloading any mod, and that you can use also the gametypes and the weapons that were not included in the original Quake 3 Arena. But it cannot emulate some features of NIQ3 mod, like giving powerups like invisibility to all players and, more notably, autoswitch weapon after "X" seconds (it changes the weapon when a match ends, instead), and requires some knowledge of custom configuration files. If you are interested, take a look to these configuration examples.

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