Mod Name: OSP

Also known as: OrangeSmoothie Productions, OSP Tourney Q3A, OSP Tourney

Instructions to make it work: Just copy it in your openarena directory.

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 1.03 0.6.0 / ?


OSP is a pupular mod for Quake III Arena, inspired by the "OSP Tourney DM" mod for Quake II. It is meant to enhance Q3A for "professional" play.

Along with many other features, it adds Clan Arena mode (similar to Elimination mode found in OpenArena), and the ability to use CPM physics (a feature first introduced with Challenge Promode Arena mod which allows faster, more accurate player movement, with more tricks: see also Game physics#Vanilla and CPM physics and Manual/Techniques).

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