Mod Name: Rocket Arena 3

Also Known As: RA3, Rocket Arena Q3A, Rocket Arena, RA

Instructions to make it work: Just copy it in your openarena directory.

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Description Edit

Rocket Arena is a popular mod which has been created in different versions for various games: Quake 1, Quake 2, Quake 3, Quake 4. The only one which may work with OpenArena is, of course, Rocket Arena 3 (RA3), the one designed for Q3A game.

It's similar to Elimination mode and g_elimination feature from OpenArena (players starting with the same weapons, no items to pickup), but with some differences: it has got its own gametypes (Rocket Arena, Clan Arena, Red Rover Arena, Practice Arena). It includes various maps of different size.

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