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Neil "haste" Toronto
Current version 2.01
Status Inactive


Unlagged is a mod for Quake 3 Arena which added compensation for network latency, which is not included in the original game. Its technology has been integrated into some other mods (such as Alternate Fire), and its source code has later been released also under GPL license. Its online documentation is an interesting reading.

In this mod, when using "hitscan" (instant-hit) weapons[1], you don't have to predict enemy movement and shoot a little ahead of him, but you have to just aim to where you actually see him. As the server stores half second of player movements, unlagging works up to 500 ms ping.

The main OpenArena game (baseoa) includes unlag hitscan features (see Delag hitscan), so you don't really need to run this mod to play OA with unlagged hitscan weapons.

cg_drawBBox in thirdperson mode

An interesting additional feature of the mod is the ability to show the "bounding boxes" (hitboxes) around characters: \cg_drawBBox <0 or 1> (default is 0). Being cheat-protected, it only works after loading a map with \devmap <mapname> (so you cannot use it to cheat during a serious match). You can also use it in combination with thirdperson mode, if you wish.
As a player, this allows you to better learn where the actual hitbox is during the various animations of each character model. As a developer, this helps you to better "center" the player model you are creating, trying to make it stay within the bounding box the best you can. As a mapper, it may help you to find the right size for a door or another passage. Not all mods using Unlagged technology include this feature.

Looking into the README file included in the ZIP of the mod, it is possible to notice a few other interesting things, such as the ability for the server to set lightning gun damage, the ability for the player to select which hitscan weapons to delag, and the ability to add an artificial lag to your hitscan weapons.


Just copy (unzip) it in your openarena directory, then run it like any other mod.

Compatibility chart[]

Works Mod Version OA Version Notes Operating System
Yes 2.01 0.8.8 Like with most other mods designed for Q3, you will not be able to use some OA's improvements, like the game modes not present in the original Q3 and the weapons from Team Arena. As the mod does not inlcude a custom UI, standard OA menus will be used, and they may show some options which have no effect on the mod.


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  1. Machinegun, shotgun, lightning gun, railgun.