For information about how to install and launch a mod, see Manual/Using Mods.

Generally, Quake3 mods are compatible with OpenArena; for details about them see ModCompat page.
The following mods are instead written specifically for OpenArena:

MOD name Mod version OA version web page
rev 230 0.8.1+
Calypso 2013-03-28 0.8.8
Excessive Plus (E+) 2.3 0.8.1+
Unlagged Rocket Rail
? 0.8.5 ?
L3DGEWorld 2.3 0.8.1
Missionpack Official expansion
OpenArena Toolkit & Mod Environment for All
0.51 ?
oanage 2010-03-05 0.8.1+
OpenArena eXpanded b50 0.8.5 Beta versions, preview of what will be in the next releases of OpenArena, in the form of a mod, for test purposes.
Open Arena Fortress beta 1 0.8.1
OpenArena OmegA 3.3.0 0.8.8
OpenArenaPlus 4.0 0.8.8
Powerball 0.33 0.8.1 (Internet Archive)
Ratmod 0.8.8

Note: some mods could be released in two versions: one optimized for Q3A and one for OA. You should always read "readme" files included with mods.

Please notice that mods may include stuff that is not licensed under GPLv2! Example: gamecode may be under GPLv2 and assets like textures and maps may be proprietary.


If you have problems, check the FAQ and Troubleshooting page, search for "readme" or "help" files inside the mods' folders, and check compatibilty notes in our pages about them here. You can also go to the forum.

If your problem is that when you start any mod from the "Mods" menù, the sound stops working at all, please check here.

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