Mod name: Calypso

Download and install: Unpack the zip file into your OpenArena folder. Launch OpenArena, select the mod from Mods menu, and enable some of the Calypso variables.


Calypso adds new features through variables controlled from the command console. These variables allow configuration of a number of weapon attributes, such as their: speed, air timeout, damage, reload time, bounce, and gravity. It optionally allows to make multiple projectiles be shot at the same time, with "spread" or "grid" fire. Other variables control when certain items spawn and whether you spawn with those items during deathmatch. It also contains the ultra-powerful "Clan Buster" weapon (a sort of rocket launcher causing explosions like Kamikaze powerup, that does not kill its owner; see video).

It should be noted that some of its default values (most notably, weapons speed and damage) mimic Quake Live[1] instead of Quake 3/OpenArena.

Note: the mod includes a feature that involves a potentially privacy-related issue: it does include a "whois" command available for all players, that although not actually showing classic "whois" (Domain/IP owner) infos, shows selected client's IP address (togheter with match-related player infos such as name, team, rank, score, deaths, impressives, excellents, etc). While playing Calypso mod online, be aware that other players get your IP informations quite easily.
Calypso also includes some features that allow server admin to write messages impersonating players and to positively or negatively interfere with their gameplay: its author defined this mod as "pretty evil".

Calypso last version was dated 2013-03-28 (based upon OA 0.8.8 gamecode).
After creating Calypso mod, its author moved on and created ChaosArena mod, that can somehow be considered Calypso successor and shares some features with it. ChaosArena name resembling previous "Chaos" mods in Quake/Unreal series is just a coincidence, it is not related with them in any way.

But then, mod author Jakash3 abandoned OpenArena mods development, and Calypso mod is no more found on Github.

We have found a couple of previous versions of Calypso mod pk3 (apparently dated 2012-09-17 and 2012-12-01, so we added those dates to the zip files). Hence, they are NOT the latest version of the mod, but they are the only ones we have been able to find.
We have uploaded them so you can get them, but they are provided "as is": they are just the .pk3 files, with no documentation or sources.


  1. Considering Quake Live weapons effect have been modified some times, it refers to values found in QL documentation during 2012/2013.

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