Mod Name: Excessive Plus

Also known as: E+, E+ OpenArena

Tagline: OpenArena on Steroids!

Instructions to make it work: Just copy it in your openarena directory. From the OA main menu, select Mods -> Excessive Plus -> Load -> MultiPlayer

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Great 2.3 0.8.1+

The Excessive Plus (E+) version 2.x series marked the first time that the Mod was made in both Q3 and OA versions. Previously, the qvm file needed to be modified to run the version 1.x series.

The Mod (current version 2.3 released Summer 2014) has excellent compatibility with OA 0.8.1, 0.8.5, and 0.8.8.

Some of the latest optional features include:

xp_antiWallhackLevel - Makes most wallhacks useless. Separate from the anti-cheat system added in the previous version. It can be configured for levels 0..5 where level 0 is disabled. Level 1 is least strict (e.g. it will play most sounds like footsteps). Level 5 is most strict. Keep in mind that levels above 1 will reduce game quality for regular players due to missing sounds and other effects. 

scoreboard now shows Anti-Cheat and Anti-Wallhack levels, if enabled on the server 

scoreboard now has avg. score and avg. kills instead of player count and avg. ping

some functions to improve scripting in callvote, rotation or crontab

    mapTime()   Map time in seconds.
    teamCount( teamId )   Amount of players in team. teamId can be 1, 2, TEAM_RED or TEAM_BLUE.
    teamScore( [teamId] )   Team score. teamId is optional. If omitted it will be the sum of red + blue score.
    getTeam()   Only available in callvote. Returns the team of the caller.  

"Impact Score" mutator now includes absorbed armor damage

Freeze Tag -> Helper Factor" default 0.5 -- Time factor applied if there is more than one thawer.

    0 - Only allow one thawer, no helpers.
    > 0 - Additional helpers will thaw with this factor applied.
       A value of 0.5 means 1.5 times faster with 2 thawers, 2 times faster with 3 thawers etc.
    < 0 - Penalty for additional helpers, the thaw will take longer with more thawers or even negate the thaw.

Teleport of frozen bodies. If enabled, it will teleport the frozen body back to the last known "stable" position.

    If this position is occupied by a player or another frozen body, nothing will happen.
    The body will continue to thaw as defined (e.g. by Void Thaw Time).
    As soon as the position becomes available, the frozen body will teleport there.

Excessive Plus v2.2b (Jul 14 2011)

1. Quake Live physics,

02. Cylindric hitboxes,

03. A new anti-cheat system to catch most of the annoying aim bots and auto-shoot hacks,

04. An expanded callvote configuration giving server admins absolute control,

05. Frame-rate independent physics to make the game generally more fair, especially to those with less powerful hardware and slower Internet connections,

06. A new console which allows players to see proper clan tags with extended styles applied, which should make the whole thing more readable/useful. Being an dirty engine hack, this might fail for some, so to get back the original console, simply set xp_drawConsole "0".

07. Control of ambient sounds (xp_ambient) and enemy sounds (xp_enemySound "gargoyle"). Better alignment of enemy models to their actual hitbox (xp_modelScale) and during jumping animations (xp_modelJump).

Note: The Official E+ for OpenArena Site is about to package the 2.3 version with the same extras as the 2.2b version.  However, if you would like to use a bare bones 2.3 version now, download it from and connect to any OA E+ Server running version 2.2/2.2a/2.2b/2.3. Please remember to download the OA version not the Q3 version.

Windows XP and newer, Linux (certainly all major distros), and Mac OS.


Excessive Plus has its own gametypes (some of them differ from those in OpenArena):

  • Free for All (FFA) (g_gametype 0)
  • Tournament (1v1) (g_gametype 1)
  • Single Player (SP) (g_gametype 2)
  • Team Death Match (TDM) (g_gametype 3)
  • Capture the Flag (CTF) (g_gametype 4)
  • Return the Flag (RTF) (g_gametype 5)
  • One Flag Capture the Flag (1FCTF) (g_gametype 6)
  • Clan Arena (CA) (g_gametype 7)
  • Freeze Tag (TAG) (g_gametype 8)
  • Protect the Leader (PTL) (g_gametype 9)

The Mod also has two (2) Mutators -- Crazy CTF and Impact Score Match -- which if implemented change the behaviour of the gametypes.

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