Mod name: The Mission Pack

Also known as: Missionpack, The missionpack, Mission Pack

Instructions to make it work: Just select it from the "mods" menu. It is already included with your OpenArena installation.


The missionpack is a mod, the OpenArena's equivalent to Quake III: Team Arena. As such, it features a lot of things which aren't included in the main game, such as a new HUD and teams.

Pretty much every feature of it (One Flag CTF, Harvester, Overload, the Nailgun, the Chaingun, the Prox Launcher, the Runes, the Kamikaze holdable and the Invulnerability forcefield holdable) is now an official feature of OpenArena itself.

The Missionpack mod comes together with the standard OpenArena installation: just select if from the main menu.

It still requires much work. If you want to help us with it (or in general, with OpenArena), please use our forum.