Mod Name: oanage

Instructions to make it work: Just create a folder called "oanage" (or as you wish) under your OpenArena directory, then place the pk3 file in it. Launch OpenArena with the mod, and enable some of oanage variables.

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 2010-03-05 0.8.1
This version is based upon OpenArena 0.8.1 game logic. Place the pk3 inside an "oanage" (or similar) folder under your OpenArena directory. Missing menu background image in OA 0.8.5.


oanage is a small and simple mod for OpenArena, that adds some new features, enabled from command console. With the variables that control those features turned off or set to standard values (most of them -maybe all of them- are off or standard by default) it works like the "standard" version of OpenArena on which the game logic is taken. It allows to enable railjumps (similar to rocket jumps, but using railgun instead) and to customize railgun recharge time (it can be even set to a different time in case of a successful railjump). It also allows to change the airspeed of rockets, and to customize lightning gun range and damage.



  • g_railJump - enable/disable
  • g_railJumpRadius - maximum distance from solid
  • g_railJumpHitCycleTime - cycle time of weapon reload for successful jump
  • g_railJumpMissCycleTime - cycle time of weapon reload for non-jump
  • g_railJumpKnockback - amount of knockback


  • g_rocketSpeed - airspeed of rockets

Lightning Gun

  • g_lightningGunRange - length of bolt
  • g_lightningGunMaxDamage - damage at closest range
  • g_lightningGunMinDamage - damage at most distant range

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