These are currently the new shader commands implemented in the updated OA3 renderer (code/renderer_oa) on Github. Not supported in current official binaries (0.8.8).

List is subject to changes.

Main Edit

deformVertex wavenormal Edit

Like deformVertex wave, it has a wave. Like deformVertex normal, it shifts the normals. To be used in conjuction with environmentWater stages for a convincing reflecting water pool effect.

Stages Edit

rgbGen flatAmbient Edit

lightingDiffuse without normals and without direct light color (ambient color only). Intended to be used with celshading so you don't have to live with a fullbright model nor goraud shading.

rgbGen flatDirect Edit

lightingDiffuse without normals.  This gives the model a flat lighting color.  Intended for use with eyeballs and celshading.

rgbGen lightingDiffuseSpecular Edit

Deprecated! This is lightingDiffuse with a touch of specular lighitng added to the calculation.  Unfortunately this kept breaking, looking wrong, and was overall slower. 

rgbGen lightingDynamic Edit

Obsolete. This is what flatDirect was.

rgbGen lightingUniform Edit

Obsolete. This is what flatAmbient was.

rgbGen vertexLighting Edit

This is intended to be rgbGen lightingDiffuse applied on top of rgbGen vertex. Unfinished and untested.

tcGen environmentWater Edit

Like tcGen environment but with a slightly different projection. It's used to make better, less mirroring psuedo-reflections on floors and ceilings is most effective with water (hence the name)

tcGen cel Edit

Adapted from ZEQ2. Obsolete-ish.    It's intended for lighting stages.  It works best if the texture is a rectangular gradient.

tcGen celshading Edit

Not related to cel, this is an environment map that reflects from light positions in the world.   Not obsolete, but not really used for celshading either.  May be renamed (environmentLight?)

This is useful for weapons and other metallic objects to add shine and glimmer to them.

tcGen eyeleft Edit

Used for player models' heads eye surfaces. This projects the texture pointing towards a vector from a fixed vector.  In layman's terms it makes the eye look.

tcGen eyeright Edit

Same thing, but using the other eye's vector.

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