To-do list for OA3 regarding maps. For the rest of the assets, check OA3List. The list was lifted from the SVN.

Confirmed maps for testing are bolded.

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Confirmed maps for testing[]

The rest[]

GPL'd maps[]

Maps which were previously released under the GNU GPL.

  • aggressor - GPL'd Q1 third-party map, pretty common in FOSS shooters such as Nexuiz.
  • oa_bod - GPL'd Q3 third-party map: spirit3t2.


Might need features to distinguish them from the originals, or replacements.

  • am_mckinleyish2 - Based on Quake/Q2 CTF's McKinley series.
  • am_oa3dm1 (formerly: am_galmevish*) Topic - Based on the Unreal series' maps Morbias, Gael and Leviathan.
  • am_spacecont - Based on UT/UT2004 third-party map DM-1on1-Contact.
  • am_thornish - Based on UT series' third-party maps CTF-Thorns*.
  • cbctf1 - Based on Q3A's q3ctf4.
  • delta - Based on Q3TA's mpteam6.
  • hydro-oa (formerly: hydronex*) Topic - Based on UT CTF-Hydro16/UT3 ma CTF-Hydrosis.
  • oa_ctf4ish - Based on Q3A's q3ctf4.
  • oa_reptctf11 - Based on Q3A's third-party map reptctf11.
  • oa_reptctf3 - Based on Q3A's third-party map reptctf3.
  • pxlfan - Based on Unreal map DmDeathFan.

Candidates for removal[]

Older/alternative versions of current maps (thus bloating the final file size and adding nothing to the game) and experiments which might not be considered for OA3.

The rest: keep, remake or remove?[]

These maps don't fall in any of the other categories.

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