OA486 (also called "OAPro") is a fork of OpenArena designed for the competitive player community and even lower end systems.

It is in the planning stages. Plans include:

  • Textures no more than 16x16 or 32x32 and that's only for the effects
  • Map textures don't exist, they're .shader files with defined colors
  • Low-fi sounds, OGG compressed, 22KHz
  • Vertex-light friendly
  • Extremely low poly, untextured models
  • Additive, alpha, multiply and subtractive blend functions are avoided - alphatest effects only (increases compatibility with more older hardware that wasn't designed for the engine)
  • Auto-download defaults on
  • One player model, though many head models. No females planned yet
  • Target machine: Lower-end Pentiums, and high-end 486s, with Voodoo hardware.
  • Target size: 10mb or less
  • Protocol 68 used

No release date set.

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