The second OpenArena Community Mappack volume is composed by 2 maps from 2 authors and a plethora of collaborators. Its development started after the first volume was released, and had a long hiatus.

The rules are the same as the first volume. Free theme, must work in a vanilla OA0.8.8 folder without additional packs, assets can be either PD, CC0 or GPL/GPLv2 while map sources must be GPLv2. Supported gametypes are the 12 default ones from regular OA, plus Possession from OpenArena 3 (available in the latest nightly builds).

Contents Edit

Proposed content for the pack:

  • Documentation (readme files[1])
  • Source files for assets
  • "Oacmp2-mod", a very simple mod focused around Single Player Deathmatch: customized "tiers" which mix OACMP Vol. 2 maps with standard OpenArena 0.8.8 maps. Some new life for the single player mode.
    It is optional: it is not required in order to use OACMP Vol. 2, but it requires OACMP Vol. 2 if you wish to use it.
  • The "real" mappack, in pk3 format: what you really need to play. Just place the pk3 file into your "baseoa" folder, then select OACMP maps through Skirmish or Multiplayer menu. Enjoy!
    • Source files for maps are contained in the .pk3 file.

Map list Edit

Map Name Author Gametypes
FFA TDM 1v1 CTF 1FC Hrv Ovl Elm eCF LMS DDm DOM Pos
jangroothuijse X X X . . . . X . X . . .
Underground Temple
Neon_Knight X . X . . . . . . X . . X

Credits Edit

  • Neon_Knight - OACMP coordination, bugfixing, mapping, testing.
  • Gig - OACMP coordination, testing.
  • jangroothuijse - mapping, textures.
  • fromhell - Map planning, testing.

Download mirrorsEdit

Coming soon. In the meantime, you can go to the official repo and download the current snapshot if you want to play it ASAP.

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Notes Edit

  1. Other than a main readme file, also files about individual maps are included.

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