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Colour Meaning
Red Old release; not supported
Green Current release
Blue Future release
Major Version Minor Version Release date Notes
Alpha Alpha 1 2005-08-19 Initial release.
SVN Revision: N/A
Alpha 2 2005-11-18 Second alpha release
SVN Revision: N/A
Alpha 3 2006-02-25 Deathmatch testing (First version with working netcode tested, and first announcer)
SVN Revision: N/A
Alpha 4 2006-05-07 Fourth alpha release (CTF play)
SVN Revision: N/A
0.4 0.4.1 2006-06-06 ??
SVN Revision: N/A
0.5 0.5.0 2006-08-20 (First version using ioquake3, and flares)
SVN Revision: 37
0.5.1 2006-08-26 Non-Free audio removed
SVN Revision: 42
0.6 0.6.0 2006-12-02 (First version with bots)
SVN Revision: 141
0.7 0.7.0 2007-07-07 Media polishing and additions, new maps and player models
SVN Revision: 548
0.7.1 2007-08-08 Fan map fixed, new rocket trail
SVN Revision: 609
0.7.6 2008-04-21 Several new gameplay modes added, instant gib, unlagged, rockets only, music removed, few new models
SVN Revision: 821
0.7.7 2008-05-29 Bug fix release; server list no longer lists pre-0.7.7 servers, eliminating version incompatibilities.
SVN Revision: 827
0.8 0.8.0 2008-08-08 New voices, some weapon remodelling, vertex lighting removal, mission pack. The release was pulled from the servers due to an artist using non-GPL compliant work.
SVN Revision: 887
0.8.1 2008-10-31 Campaign reorganized, new maps, non-GPL compliant content removed.
SVN Revision: 901
0.8.5 2010-03-23 Seven new maps, added the remaining stuff from the Missionpack into main OA, new physics choices (framerate dependant/125hz emulated/91hz emulated/accurate), new menu, and a lot of extra stuff.
SVN Revision: 925
0.8.8 2012-02-14 Fourteen new maps, new model: Neko, SP reorganized, Invulnerability fully modelled and working, some bugs fixed and a lot of extra stuff, including compatibility for third-party bots designed for Q3A and new dmflags.
SVN Revision: 947
3.0 3.0.0* TBA OA3: Planned reboot.

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