Sorceress is a dark elf sorceress. Also an alchemist. She invented respawning [citation needed].

It is rumored she lives in the map oasago2.

0.8.0 Edit

Her personality is exactly the same as Major. She has no bot files of her own.

Her mesh is based off of Angelyss' body mesh but with new UVs, a hat, and a skirt.

She is poorly animated. She doesn't even have a backwards run animation, and like Ayumi her skirt caused too much animation difficulties.

She is a mature model because she wears partially revealing clothing, such as a thong, and a sheer top.

In OpenArena 0.8.1/0.8.5/0.8.8, this is not officially a selectable model. Her default skin is broken (if selected, it uses textures from your last used model, with weird effects!), while sorceress/blue and sorceress/red skins do actually work.
Sorceress character is however available as a bot to play against: for non team-based modes, the bot is designed to use the blue skin instead of the (broken/missing) default skin.

3.0.0 Edit

She now wears green to contrast against her skin color, which is cyan.

Her skirt is a polygonal flower pedal style design to ease the animation difficulties of animating it without severe clipping.

She still has no bot files of her own.


An older, cut iteration of Sorceress is available on OpenGameArt. She is cut for having bad legs and low polycount.

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