What is a SVN?[]

SVN stands for Subversion, an advanced versioning system.

It stores all contents of the OpenArena project, so all textures, sounds etc.

The basic idea is if somebody wants to download a development version of a software, what is rapidly changing, only the edited parts of the software is in need for re-downloading after a full download. SVN as a technology does simply that. So, if a new version (even subversion) is out, you only need to update the SVN and not download the whole thing again.

How can I install OA through SVN?[]

Under Linux[]

You can install it with an SVN gui, or with a terminal: svn co OpenArena

And you can update it with the used SVN gui or with a terminal command, in the home dir: svn up OpenArena

Under Windows[]

How is the OA svn structured?[]

The structure of the OpenArena SVN structure is pretty simple and logical. It has a tree-like hierarchy so the 'maps' folder contains the map files, the 'levelshots' contains a screenshot of each level etc.

Directories from Quake3 pak0.pk3[]

In the first directory all files and directories from Quake3 pak0.pk3 can be found:

  • botfiles/
  • default.cfg
  • demos/
  • env/
  • gfx/
  • icons/
  • levelshots/
  • maps/
  • menu/
  • models/
  • music/
  • scripts/
  • sound/
  • sprites/
  • textures/
  • video/
  • vm/


Changes are listed here, what has been changed or altered since the last version.


Legal notices regarding OpenArena and iD software in connection with Openarena.


Everybody who has contributed in the development of OpenArena should be listed here. If You have took a part and You're not listed just send us an email with an explanation.


Notes regarding running OpenArena on Linux systems.


Every note and information what is needed to download update and run(even compile) should be here. You should read it through before running OpenArena.


Binary files are here. The binary files are executable in one or another way. These are essential to run an application.


In OpenArena the data is stored in packs for less storage usage. So these packs are stored here. Right now these files extension is pk3, can be that it will be changed in the future.


The source files are stored here. Every program is coded in a simple human-readable way what is later compiled to a language what is computer friendly. After successful compilation the application can be executed. Source files can be modified easily, compiled programs should be not (and usually really hard to) alter. Even You can learn how a program works from the source code.

other files[]

  • Build-pieced.bat
  • zip.exe

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