aka Daniele

  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on January 22

My last montage: Started playing this game in 2017 and i hope to become good like in s4 league !

-Best in italy on the game S4 League:

-5° dmx league tournament 2015 -Won vs Korean champion aaRty/Rugs -Custom Clan Mark: Hive mind , Last Leach , Infinity J , Syndicate , Flower power -In 2017 won 1on1 with Shinkei 2° place on the last dmx league 2015 my bio on s4 league: And not for be ego player, but s4 league is my first shooter on pc i started it on 2013-2014, before of him i have ever played shooters on xbox, and in 1 year on s4 league i was better then the players with 5-6 years  playing time , thats because i have a great passion on gaming and i take it as a sport , i worked a lot to be better and better , and now im the best in italy. -Daniele

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