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In 1999, Id Software releases Quake III Arena, a multiplayer-exclusive chronological follow-up to Quake II (1998) and it became one of the most iconic games ever. It shared the multiplayer-exclusive focus with its long time rival Unreal Tournament, from Epic Games, also released that year, and over a long time both franchises set a precedent in the multiplayer ground.

In 2001, Id Software releases Quake III: Team Arena, the teamplay-focused expansion pack for Q3A, to a lukewarm reception.

In 2005, Id Software releases the Source Code of the Quake III engine, IdTech3. Although the source code of the gme was released, assets such as maps and characters were still under restrictive licenses. Thus, the OpenArena project began.

Over the course of 8+ years, OA grew up and became one of the most iconic FPS in the Free Software field, while staying true to its roots.

The mapping tools Edit

Why this manual was created Edit

There are tons of resources around the Internet about how to create and edit stuff for the Q3A mapping applications. The same happens with the mapping tools, there are many of them scattered around the 'net.

Likewise, although the main mapping applications for OA share the same functionality, they tend to behave differently regarding certain functions. In one editor, a specific function may or may not appear, while another would be executed in a different form from editor to editor. This manual may be based on a set of tools, but the skills learnt here should apply as well to the other tools. All of the other available tools for OA mapping are covered in the Appendix D.

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OpenArena's Mapping manual
Prologue /// Pre-mapping stage - Map gameplay /// Choosing an editor /// Your first map
Brush manipulation - 2D/3D clipping /// Curve manipulation /// Textures /// Introduction to Entities
Lighting - Advanced lighting /// Weapon/Item placement /// Triggers and movers - Dynamic features
Shaders /// Terrains and liquids /// Mapmodels /// Sounds /// Gametype support
Optimization and Troubleshooting - Hint brushes - Bot play - Troubleshooting
Final touches /// Compilation & packaging
Glossary of terms - Advanced features - Modelling a map - Editor differences - Default assets (Textures/Models/Sounds) - GPL
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