Some things to keep in mind for maintaining legacy hardware compatibility.

Future OA versions may support these better, in several ways:

  1. Shader hacks by commands commented out by a prefix for special parsing, such as //PCXHACK, //RAGEHACK
  2. There will be more care taken with new shaders

3dfx Voodoo Edit

  • The maximum texture size is 256x256. While OpenArena uses a lot of 512x512 and 1024x1024 on some occasions, the card will rescale it to 256x256 on load. This can lead to quality loss.
  • 16-bit color only.
  • Bloom doesn't work.

PowerVR PCX2 Edit

  • You can not specify any blend modes on this card.
  • If you want something opaque, it has to be a 24-bit RGB texture (TGA, JPG).
  • If you want something alpha blended, it has to be a 32-bit RGBA texture (TGA)
  • You can modulate alpha in 4-bit precision. Fade outs will look choppy.
  • Very sensitive to polygons, so when _2 .md3 LoDs are made, they have to be really low for this card to perform well
  • Can't blend lightmaps, so it has to play with vertex lighting.
  • The maximum texture size is 256x256.
  • The MINIMUM texture size is 32x32. A high picmip will yield graphical artifacts.
  • PowerVR's MiniGL do not support glArrayElement so things will not render. The only MiniGL known to work is Techland's.

ATI Rage Pro Edit

  • Notoriously slow at alpha blending, so try to substitute additive where you can instead.

Nvidia RIVA 128 Edit

  • Poor precision in multiply blending

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