This page is meant to keep a sort of trace of things (usually, features) that were previously listed in the Wishlist page, and that have already then been included in a new official OpenArena version that is gone public.

Example: some improvements requested while 0.8.5 was the "current" release, have been listed in the "Wishlist" page; when those features have been implemented, they have been moved to the "Already implemented" section in that page; when 0.8.8 release -containing such new features- has been published ("released"), they have been moved to this page instead. Note: 0.8.8 is the release just after 0.8.5: no 0.8.6 or 0.8.7 exist!

Please divide them in base of the official release that first included such new features.

NOTE: This page contains only a small part of the new features included with each OpenArena release! Many of them did not pass through the "Wishlist" page!

Implemented in OpenArena 0.8.8Edit

  • A way to disable the chat beep sound. See here and the following posts. IMPLEMENTED in 0.8.8
  • A variable to customize the weapon switching speed : read here. IMPLEMENTED in 0.8.8 - It has been added a "dmflag" to allow instant weapon switch: see dmflags.

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